Due to the weather the regular February meeting in Washington, D.C. of the NEA Board was cancelled.  A Board of Directors conference call held Feb. 13th to take action on necessary issues.



The Board approved appointments to the Steering and Resolutions Committees.

Illinois Director Al Llorens will continue to serve as Chair of the Steering Committee.


Future NEA Board meeting schedules were approved with the exception of September-October meetings.  Those meetings will be discussed at the May Board meeting.

2010-2011 DUES

The Board approved NEA Dues for 2010-2011.

Certified Full Time Dues — $166.00.

ESP Full time Dues — $96.50.

Reserve Former Active Professional Educators — $78.00.

Reserve Former Active ESP – 43.50.

Retired (Annual) — $25.00

Retired (Life Membership) — $200.00.

Certified dues are determined using a formula based on the national average salaries.

Certified salary data is collected from state education agencies and state affiliates.

ESP salary data is based on U.S. Dept. of Labor statistics.


The Board continued its discussion of the Advisory Committee on Membership’s Report about tiered dues.  The report studied the feasibility and desirability of alternative dues structures including tiered systems based on salaries.  The recommendations of the committee were within the following constraints:

1) the construct must significantly move toward dues equity as defined by one’s ability to pay;

2) NEA and its locals and state affiliates shall not be required to expend resources to collect additional salary data;

3) the proposal must be aligned with NEA’s current technology and research capacity;

and 4) the tiered structure must be revenue neutral.

The proposals included in the report proposed a tiered dues system based on the average Certified and the average ESP salaries in each state.  Following discussion the board voted to accept the report but reject the recommendations by a vote of 113 to 43.

The current NEA dues system will remain in practice.


The Board discussed a proposed Constitutional Amendment and related Bylaws on NEA Membership.  The Constitutional Amendment and Bylaws would allow members organized by state affiliates to be NEA members even if they had not previously met criteria for NEA membership.

The Board approved support for the Amendment and Bylaws in a 139 to 17 vote.

The Amendment and Bylaws will be put to a vote at the NEA Representative Assembly where a 2/3 affirmative vote is required to pass.


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