Directors Report April-May 2010


NEA Board of Directors Meeting – April-May 2010

President Dennis Van Roekel’s Report

  • Discussed ESEA and Jobs Bill Actions.
  • The Board completed discussions and recommendations on the NEA Constitutional Limit of 150 state board members.
  • The Board received NEA Legislative Program.
  • The UniServ Grant Program amount was adopted.

Vice President Lily Eskelsen’s Report

  • Discussed meetings with critics and potential partners of NEA including the American Enterprise Institute and Teach for America.
  • Strategic Plan and Budget Discussion.
  • NEA Academy update.

Treasurer Becky Pringle’s Report

Below is a listing of the annual budget in terms of core service areas and strategic goals.  The Board approved the budget and will recommend approval by the NEA RA in July.

  • $60,150,906: Learning and working conditions
  • $106,956,820: Affiliate programs and services
  • $29,572,326: Communications with leaders, staff, members, and the general public
  • $27,648,776: Governance and leadership development
  • $83,615,986: Business operations
  • $1,836,333: Authentic accountability systems
  • $4,808,810: Increased positive image and support for ethnic minority communities
  • $4,066,523: Improved education members’ salaries
  • $31.695,337: Sound education policies through political and legislative programs
  • $4,391,999: Tax and economic policies and school funding (“TEF”)
  • $354,743,816: Total Operating Fund Expenses

The Treasurer also updated NEA membership figures across all member types.

Executive Director John Wilson’s Report

Board received the Exec. Dir. Reports including the NEA Affirmative Action Report.

Executive Committee Recommendations and Board of Directors Actions

Board approved:

  • Addition of a strand on Men’s Issues to be added to the Women’s and Minorities Conference.
  • That NEA will provide information to delegates about Alcohol Anonymous and other appropriate organizations.
  • That NEA will assure all delegates, including physically challenged and those with scooters, have access to the Annual Meeting.
  • $5 million for 2009-2010 Ballot Measures and Legislative Crisis Fund for “Behind the Wall” communications.
  • Accepted 2009-2010 Standing and Advisory Committee recommendations.
  • Pricewaterhouse Coopers as external auditing agency.
  • Other Actions

The Board adopted positions on the following issues coming before the 2010 NEA RA:

Majority Vote–

Standing Rule Amendment 1                        Support

Standing Rule Amendment 2A                     Oppose

Standing Rule Amendment 2B                     Oppose

Standing Rule Amendment 2                        Oppose

Standing Rule Amendment 3                        Oppose

Standing Rule Amendment 4                        Support

2/3 Vote–

Constitutional Amendments 1                        Support

Constitutional Amendments 2                        Board Sponsored

Constitutional Amendments 3                        Board Sponsored

Constitutional Amendments 4                        Board Sponsored

Constitutional Amendments 5                        Board Sponsored

Constitutional Amendments 6                        Board Sponsored

Majority Vote–

Bylaw Amendment 1                                    Oppose

Bylaw Amendment 2                                    Oppose

Bylaw Amendment 2A                                 Support

Bylaw Amendment 3                                    Support

NEA General Counsel Alice O’Brien’s Report

General Counsel O’Brien explained legal issues regarding ESEA.

Health Care Reform

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, signed into law by President Obama on March 23, includes the following key benefits for active and retired NEA members, children, and families:

  • provides uninsured children and families with access to coverage;
  • maintains employer-sponsored coverage for most Americans;
  • allows young adults to stay on a parent’s plan;
  • immediately establishes a plan for the uninsured;
  • establishes competitive health insurance market;
  • ends insurance company abuses;
  • assists employers providing retiree health benefits;
  • eliminates the doughnut hole (Medicare prescription drug gap in coverage);
  • eliminate cost-sharing for preventive services; and
  • stops excessive and unnecessary payments to private insurers who run Medicare plans.

Immigration and Naturalization

NEA supports comprehensive immigration reform that recognizes the political, economic, and union issues underlying immigration.

Kiri Davis, guest speaker for the NEA Board’s Black Observance.

At age 16, Kiri Davis filmed her first documentary, “A Girl Like Me.”
 Since 2005, the film has received numerous awards, has been featured in over 20 film festivals, including the Tribeca Film Festival, and has screened worldwide.  At age 18, Davis was named by Ebony Magazine as one of “The Ebony Power 150 Most Influential Blacks In America.”

Davis continues to pursue a career in filmmaking as well as exploring her passion for other forms of communication, including writing, photography, and acting. Her goal is to develop more projects that will help her community and give a much-needed voice to issues that pertain to people of color.

View the documentary in its entirety at

Marie Myung-Ok Lee, guest speaker for the Asian Pacific Islander Observance.

Marie Myung-Ok Lee is an acclaimed Korean American writer, author of three young adult novels, including Finding My Voice and Saying Goodbye. She is now a Writer in Residence at Brown University, where she also teaches creative writing.  Lee was a Fulbright Scholar to Korea in creative writing and has received many honors for her work.  In addition, she is a founder of the Asian American Writers’ Workshop.

Lee remembers and honors one of her elementary teachers for championing her and forcing two of the worst bullies to apologize to her.  Lee debunked the myth that bullying makes people strong.  She told us that she became strong and a good writer in spite of the bullying, not because of it; and she pleaded with all of us to champion every student.

Great Lakes Center Update

This agency reviews the papers and research of various Think Tanks in the education field.

Health Information Network

Report updated.

Indoor Environmental Quality

A new online course offered by NEA HIN (Health Information Network) is What’s Your IEG? A Roadmap to School Indoor Environmental Quality.  To access the course, go to  For more information, go to training or contact Jennie Young at or (202) 822.7570.

An introductory video outlining the course can be viewed at

2010 NEA Friend of Education: Diane Ravitch

This award is given to an individual who has made significant national contribution to the improvement of American education.  The award will be presented to Diane Ravitch at the 2010 NEA RA in New Orleans.

Linda Darling-Hammond, the 2009 recipient, wrote, “Diane Ravitch is one of the most important public intellectuals of our time.  In her recent powerful and deftly written book, she takes on the big issues of American education today, fearlessly articulating both the central importance of strong public education and the central elements for strengthening our schools.”

Amendments to Standing Rules, Constitution, and Bylaws

The Board took positions of support or opposition on Standing Rules Amendments, Constitutional Amendments, and Bylaw Amendments that will be presented and voted upon at the NEA RA in New Orleans.

Details regarding the amendments and NEA Board positions will be available at the Illinois Caucus at the NEA RA.

Read Across America Report

Code of Ethics of the Education Profession

The preamble of the Code was amended to explicitly include Education Support Professionals within the definition of educators.

Edward M Kennedy Institute

Senator Ted Kennedy’s widow, Vicki Kennedy; and Peter Meade, President and CEO of the Edward M. Kennedy Institute, addressed and thanked the BOD for its contribution to the Institute.  The Institute, at the Univ.of Mass. will focus on the study of the U.S. Senate.

2010 NEA RA in New Orleans, LA

July 1-6, 2010

Pre-Annual Meeting Events:

  • NEA Student Leadership
  • Ethnic Leaders
  • National Council of Urban Educators Associations
  • NEA Retired
  • NEA Fund for Children and Public Education
  • Joint Conference on Concerns of Women and Minorities
  • Women’s Issues Hearing
  • Constitution, Bylaws and Rules Committee
  • UniServ Referral Center
  • Resolutions Editing Committee
  • Resolutions Committee
  • Read Across America Read-In
  • Board of Directors Meeting
  • Credentials Committee
  • Global Education Summit
  • Open Hearings on Resolutions
  • Special Interest Caucuses
  • Legislative Open Hearing
  • Sexual Orientation/Gender Identification Committee Hearing
  • National Council of ESPs
  • Outreach Service Project

Illinois Delegation Hotel:

New Orleans Marriott

555 Canal St.

New Orleans, LAS 70130


Illinois Delegation Caucus will meet July 1st at 1:00 pm, and on the following days at 7:00 am.

Illinois Delegation Staff Contacts: Tim Crawford and Judy Leonard.

Future NEA RAs:

2011     June 30-July 5     Chicago, IL

2012     June 30-July 5     Washington, DC

2013     July 1-6                Atlanta, GA

2014     July 1- 6               Denver, CO

2015     July 1-6                Miami, FL

2016     July 3-8                Washington, DC


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