NEA Board Report — June 2010


New Orleans, LA


President Dennis Van Roekel

The Board received the latest report on NEA’s action plan for ESEA Reauthorizaton.

Announcement of appointments of 2010-11 Committees was postponed.

Received Fact Sheets from the Arizona Education Assn. General Counsel on the new Arizona State Immigration Law SB 1070 and on the employment of teachers with accents.

Vice President Lily Eskelsen

Gave a brief greeting to the Board.

Secretary-Treasurer Becky Pringle

The NEA Secretary Treasurer, reported that ESP membership has increased over 5,000 members, but active membership overall is down over 20,000. Student membership has increased by over 4,000.  Retired has increased by 5,100. Higher education membership is up by 2,500. There is a balance of over $1 million in contingency and that will be increased in next year’s budget. Strategic Plan and Budget Updated.

Executive Director John Wilson

Reported that Dan Rivera has been hired as the Director of Constituent Relations, and that an Assistant Director will be hired soon. He emphasized that NEA is working hard to meet the needs of ESP members. He also mentioned that Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has accepted several invitations from NEA to visit schools in various states.

National Plan for the Reauthorization of ESEA

John Stocks, Deputy Executive Director, began an overview of the Plan by showing three TV ads advocating passage of the Education Jobs Bill. He showed how the Plan ties it all together, and that NEA is using a multi-pronged approach which deals with four main areas: passing the pension fix for defined benefit plans (that was just passed and signed into law) which will help state affiliate associations; saving education jobs; increasing the amount of money to state legislatures to help pay for Medicaid; and rewriting and reauthorizing ESEA.

Kim Anderson, Director of NEA Government Relations, reported that no member of Congress currently is championing the Administration’s “blueprint” for ESEA and there are mounting qualms about the “blueprint” from education groups, parents and religious groups. The NEA is responsible for stalling the “blueprint”, and will continue to work with members of Congress to pass the NEA Positive Agenda for ESEA. Every state will be asked to organize a “day of action” between August 7 and September 12 as just one small part of the Plan.

NEA General Counsel Alice O’Brien

General Counsel gave a brief report on some of the recent Supreme Court decisions. She will send a full summary to Board members after the RA.

Board Internal Concerns Committee

Updated policies and reimbursement rates.

Board Steering Committee

Committee Chair Al Llorens, Director from Illinois, reported on committee activities for the NEA RA.

UniServ Advisory Committee

Al Llorens reported on The UniServ Advisory Committee recommendations.

Board of Directors Actions

Board approved the following:

  • Proposed policy for implementing Article V., Section 1 of the NEA Constitution (150 State Delegate Limit on the Board of Directors).
  • Oklahoma Education Assn. Ballot Initiative.
  • ESEA Legislative Crisis Grant for national campaign effort.

The Board acted on the following issues to come before the NEA RA:

  • NBI on Immigration in response to Arizona’s SB 1070
  • NBI on Textbooks
  • NBI on the Reauthorization of ESEA
  • NBI on the Department of Education Programs and Practices
  • 2010-12 Strategic Plan and Budget

Executive Committee Recommendations and Actions

Approved charters for 13 local organizations.

Amended the Employees Retirement Plan of the NEA.

Adopted 2010-11 Committee Charges.

Approved changes to interest rate assumption and rates of Employees Retirement Plan of the NEA.

NEA Director of Campaigns and Elections reported on upcoming elections and activities to support the NEA Fund for Children and Public Education.  Highlighted website:

Board Elections:

Kathi Griffin, Director from Illinois, was elected to the NEA Member Benefits Board.

The NEA Board also elected members to Internal Concerns Committee.

Additional NEA Director Participation at Pre RA and other events:

Nat’l Council of Urban Education Assns.; NEA Student Program; NEA Retired; Women and Ethnic Minority Conference; Nat’l Council for Higher Ed.; Read Across America; American Indian/Alaskan Native Caucus; Ethnic Leaders Conference; GLBT Dinner; HCR Dinner; Board Forum; Community Outreach Events and other events.

Future NEA RAs

Paula Mueller will chair the Illinois Host Committee for the NEA RA 2011 in Chicago.

2011     June 30-July 5     Chicago, IL

2012     June 30-July 5     Washington, DC

2013     July 1-6                   Atlanta, GA

2014     July 1- 6                  Denver, CO

2015     July 1-6                   Miami, FL

2016     July 3-8                  Washington, DC


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