NEA Virtual Board Meeting — April 25, 2012


Illinois NEA Directors participated in a virtual board meeting on April 25, 2012 in preparation of the regular May meeting in Washington, DC.  This meeting was conducted via phone and web.

April 25, 2012

President Dennis Van Roekel Welcome and Overview

Report of the Secretary-Treasurer Becky Pringle

  • NEA 2012-2014 Budget
  • NEA 2011-2012 Product Evaluation Criteria and Comparison Report
  • NEA 2010-2011 Participation Report

Report of the Executive Director John Stocks

Report of the Vice President Lily Eskelsen was deferred until the May meeting.

Board Action: Approved the Legislative Program for Recommendation to the Representative Assembly

Board Action: Approved Credentials Committee Appointments

Read Across America Committee updated the 2012 events including the release and tie-ins with the movie “The Lorax.”

The Board also received the following reports :

  • Committee on Constitution, Bylaws and Rules
  • Preliminary Results of the Resolutions Committee Report
  • Executive Committee Activity Reports
  • Final Report of Standing and Advisory Committees
  • Ballot Measure Legislative Crisis Fund Report

The NEA Board will meet in Washington, DC on May 3-5.


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