NEA Lobbying Report—Oct. 2012


Illinois NEA Directors attending: Jim Grimes, Eric Brown, Alex Wallace, Joyce Bailey, Tom Tully, Vickie Mahrt and Rainy Kaplan.  Also at NEA in Washington were IEA officers Pres. Cinda Klickna and Sec-Treas. Al Llorens.

Members of Congress were on break and the NEA Directors visited with congressional staff members in the following Representatives’ offices:  Judy Biggert R-13, Luis Gutierrez D-4, Robert Dold R-10, Danny Davis D-7, Peter Roskam R-6, Mike Quigley D-5, Aaron Schock R-18, as well as Senator Richard Durbin’s office.  NEA materials were also delivered to the remaining Representatives’ offices and Senator Kirk’s offices.

NEA lobbying efforts focused on these questions.

1)    Does the Member support closing the seven largest corporate tax loopholes in order to stem cuts and ensure needed investments in education and other priorities?

2)    Does the Member support ensuring that everyone pays his or her fair share toward deficit reduction and a strong economy by requiring those making more than $1 million a years to pay at least a 30% tax rate (Buffet Rule)?

3)    Does the Member support taking immediate action to stop the interest rate on federal student loans from doubling?

4)    If so, does the Member support paying for it by closing corporate tax loopholes?

Following the election, NEA is emphasizing at-home lobbying by members.  NEA Directors will be coordinating visits in district with Members of Congress following the election.

Members are urged to visit and


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