NEA Lobbying Report — Feb. 2013


Illinois NEA Directors attending: Jim Grimes, Eric Brown, Alex Wallace, Joyce Bailey, Tom Tully, Vickie Mahrt and Rainy Kaplan. 

Also lobbying were IEA officers Vice Pres. Kathi Griffin, Sec-Treas. Al Llorens, Naperville Unit EA Pres. Mark Bailey and IEA-Retired member Bob Kaplan.

Directors attended a legislative briefing from NEA Government Relations staff.

Members of Congress were on retreat and at other events so the NEA Directors visited with congressional staff members on Capitol Hill for:  Peter Roskum (R-6), Danny Davis (D-7), Bill Foster (D-11), Adam Kinzinger (R-16), Brad Schneider (D-10), Tammy Duckworth (D-8), Jan Schakowsky (D-9), Bill Enyart (D-12) Aaron Schock (R-18), Cherrie Bustos (D-17), and Randy Hultgren (R-14).

NEA materials were also delivered to the offices for the remaining Illinois Representatives as well as Senators Dick Durbin (D-IL) and Mark Kirk (R-IL). .

NEA lobbying efforts focused on these questions:

1)  Fiscal Cliff//Deficit Reduction—

Will the Member support replacing across-the-board cuts (“sequester”) with a balanced approach to deficit reduction that raises revenue by ending tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations and rejects any additional cuts to non-defense discretionary programs like education?

2)  Gun Violence Prevention—

A.  Does the Member support giving local schools the flexibility and authority to make decisions about school safety measures and hiring school personnel?

B.  Does the Member support closing loopholes and requiring background

checks for every gun purchase, whether at a store, online, or at a gun show?

3)    Immigration—DREAM Act—

Does the Member support immediate passage of the DREAM Act as part of comprehensive immigration reform?

NEA Directors have also been assigned as liaisons to the various Members of Congress:

CD 1—Bobby Rush—Alex Wallace

CD 2—vacant—Jim Grimes

CD 3—Dan Lipinski—Joyce Bailey

CD 4—Luis Guiterrez—Joyce Bailey

CD 5—Mike Quigley—Eric Brown

CD 6—Peter Roskum—Tom Tully

CD 7—Danny Davis—Joyce Bailey

CD 8—Tammy Duckworth—Rainy Kaplan

CD 9—Jan Schakowsky—Eric Brown

CD 10—Brad Schneider—Eric Brown

CD 11—Bill Foster—Alex Wallace

CD 12—Bill Enyart—Jim Grimes

CD 13—Rodney Davis—Vickie Mahrt

CD 14—Randy Hultgren—Tom Tully

CD 15—John Shimkus—Jim Grimes

CD 16—Adam Kinzinger—Vickie Mahrt

CD 17—Cheri Bustos—Rainy Kaplan

CD 18—Aaron Schock—Vickie Mahrt

U.S. Senate—Dick Durbin—Jim Grimes

U.S. Senate—Mark Kirk—Joyce Bailey

As Region Chairs, Grassroots Political Activists and local leaders plan visits with their Members of Congress in their home districts, they are asked to coordinate with the NEA Director assigned to that Congressional Member.

IEA members are also urged to visit and for the latest updates on national education issues and political action.


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