NEA Board of Directors Report – December 2013



Virtual Online Meeting 

NEA Directors participating online:  Jim Grimes, Eric Brown, Joyce Bailey, Tom Tully, Alex Wallace, Vickie Mahrt, and Rainy Kaplan.

President Dennis Van Roekel welcomed the Board and attendees and gave an overview for the virtual meeting.

The minutes of the September Board meeting will be approved at the February meeting.

Financial Update

Sec.-Treas. Becky Pringle reviewed membership numbers and the NEA Budget Process.  Membership is projected to be down slightly from last year.

The NEA Audit Report was presented along with financial reports.  The Board approved the reports.


Governance Review Committee—continues the process of reviewing the governance structure of NEA.  Pres. Dennis Van Roekel has charged the committee as follows:

1.  Review all data and input received to date by the Governance Review Project.

2.  Identify the most significant challenges facing NEA over the next decade and the strengths and weaknesses of our current structure in meeting these challenges.

3.  Study and consider union, non-profit, and association governance best practices.

4.  Make recommendations to the NEA Board regarding any changes designed to ensure governance inclusive of our diverse membership; healthy, democratic participation and engagement; and efficient, effective decision-making.

The committee will be chaired by NEA Vice President Lily Eskelsen Garcia and will include NEA Secretary-Treasurer Becky Pringle; the six members of the NEA Executive Committee; six Board members (one from each region); six state affiliate presidents and six local affiliate presidents; the official SOGI, WIC, EMAC, NCESP, NCHE, Retired, Student and NCUEA observers; and the chair of the Resolutions Committee.

The committee will be asked to provide a preliminary report of their deliberations to the Board of Directors in May 2014. However, it is very likely that the committee will not complete its charges by this date and that work will continue into September 2014. All recommendations will be submitted to the Board of Directors, which will have decision-making authority over which, if any, recommendations go forward to the Representative Assembly.

Participation at upcoming NEA Conferences—Procedures for attending the NEA Leadership Summits and other conferences were outlined.  Members wishing to attend NEA conferences can check the website and with the IEA President’s Office for more information.

Lobbying Efforts—Board of Director members are asked to contact Members of Congress on current issues including reducing the impact of the sequester on education funding and the negative impact on children.  NEA supports the recent bi-partisan budget bill.  Illinois was set to lose over $225 million dollars in education related federal funds during FY 2014 under sequester.  NEA Directors will report the results of their meetings and calls on Members of Congress by January 15th.

Day of Action—NEA members participated in a national day of action on December 9th for our students and their families across the country.  The effort focused on community-based solutions.

Annual Report on Reduced Dues—The Board reviewed and approved a listing of reduced organizing dues for locals across the country.

Looking Ahead—President Van Roekel and Government Relations staff reported on upcoming issues.

Information Items

Proposed 2014 Amendments to the Constitution, Bylaws and Standing Rules—At this point there is one Constitutional Amendment, one Bylaws Amendment, and nine Standing Rule Amendments proposed.

[The Proposed Amendments will be posted separately on the NEA Director Report Website prior to the NEA RA.]

State Merger Letter of Intent – Wisconsin Education Association Council-NEA requested approval to merge with AFT Wisconsin and become a dual association affiliate.

Questions and Answers followed on the agenda then the meeting adjourned.

Members are urged to visit often for the latest on Congressional issues.

The NEA Board meets next in Washington, DC on February 6th and 7th, 2014.




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