Lobbying Report – Washington, DC – Sept. 18, 2014


Participating NEA Directors’ on Capitol Hill Visits: Jim Grimes, Eric Brown, Joyce Bailey, Tom Tully, Alex Wallace, Rainy Kaplan, David Watts, Maggie Huttlinger, and Bob Kaplan, IEA Retired. IEA Pres. Cinda Klickna met with Reps. Foster and Schneider on Sept. 17th.

Members of Congress visited included:

Rep. Robin Kelly D-2, Rep. Randy Hultgren R-14, Rep. Bobby Rush D-1, Rep. Peter Roskum R-6, Rep. Rodney Davis R-13, Rep. Luis Gutierrez D-4, Rep. Tammy Duckworth D-8, Rep. Danny Davis D-7, Rep. Dan Lipinski D-3, Rep. Mike Quigley D-5, Rep. Adam Kinzinger R-11, Rep. Aaron Schock R-18 , Rep. Bill Enyart D-12, and Congressional staff members.

The issues and legislation discussed included:

1) Higher Education Act and College Affordability—will the Member of Congress support reinstating year-round Pell Grants?

2) Will the Member of Congress co-sponsor the Student Testing and Improvement Accountability Act (HR 4172)—returning federally mandated testing to pre-NCLB frequency?

3) Will the Member of Congress support efforts to help meet the educational and human needs of child refugees? This refers to the situation of thousands of Central American children crossing the Mexican border into the U.S.

Materials also were shared with the offices of Senators Durbin, Kirk, and other Illinois Representatives.

IEA members are urged to review NEA positions on these issues at EducationVotes.nea.org and share their concerns with Members of Congress in their home districts.


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