October Board of Directors’ meeting


board meeting

NEA Directors and IEA Officers and members attending: Joyce Bailey, Eric Brown, Jim Grimes, Maggie Huttlinger, Rainy Kaplan, Cinda Klickna,  Gladys Marquez, Tom Tully, Kari Vanderjack, Alex Wallace and David Watts

The Board started with a moment of silence for the victims of the Oregon shootings.

Items Discussed:

Elections were held for the Budget Committee.  Three people were elected: Josh Brown (IA), Robert Rodriguez (CA) and Amy Simpson (WY).

Tim Parker (AK) was re-elected to the Greater Public Schools Fund.

President Eskelson-Garcia announced that she has been elected Vice President of Education International for the North American/Caribbean Region. NEA had 50 delegates and over 60 observers attend the Education International 7th World Congress in Ottawa, Canada in July. Alex Wallace and Gladys Marquez represented Illinois.


Education Secretary Arne Duncan announced his resignation on October 2. The acting secretary will be John B. King, Jr.

The Board of Directors voted to support Hillary Clinton in the primary election.


For more information, regarding the Clinton endorsement and highlights from the town-hall meeting, please read this newsletter. Thank you to Alaska NEA Director, Tim Parker for putting this together.

The Board of Director held two observances at its October meeting: the Hispanic Observance and the American Indian-Alaskan Native Observance.

Hispanic Caucus Chair, Gladys Marquez, introduced Dr. Juan Andrade, Jr. who shared his past experiences and talked about the Dreamers of today. 2015 Hispanic Observance Interview Dr Andrade

gladys 2


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