December Virtual Meeting


December 9, 2015

On the call: Joyce Bailey, Eric Brown, Kathi Griffin, Jim Grimes, Rainy Kaplan, Tom Tully, Alex Wallace, David Watts

Items discussed:

Lily reported on her first Education International meeting in Brussels.

Lily reported that Hillary Clinton is building a substantial campaign, especially after her testimony before the Senate. She has opened numerous offices, hired many new staffers and has the support of 44 US Senators, 160 Congressmen, 14 Governors as well as the endorsement of SEIU, AFT and AFSCME.

Lily reported on the ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) progress. The Senate will be voting on December 10th and the President will sign later in theĀ  week. Most decisions for the new Act will be made at the State levels. NEA will begin hosting weekly calls beginning January 12th to provide information and updates. Also, there will be additional information posted on the NEA website.

Becky Pringle reported on the Leadership Summit which will be held in February. There will be 128 break out sessions. Registration is now open. The 2017 Summit will be in Orlando.

Becky also updated the Board on NBI B, Institutional Racism. The Board will have a 2 hour session at the February meeting.

Princess Moss updated that the Audit report gave NEA a clean, unqualified opinion., the highest rating that an organization can receive.

The Board then received an update on the Friedrichs court case’s potential impact. Princess reported that this next budget will not include $6 million in Fair Share fees as a precaution. There are approximately 75,000 fee payers.

The NEA Partnership report will be posted on the website in response to NBI’s 47 and 54.

The virtual meeting lasted one hour.


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