February Board of Directors meeting


NEA Directors and IEA Officers and members attending: Joyce Bailey, Eric Brown, Kathi Griffin, Jim Grimes, Al Llorens, Rainy Kaplan, Cinda Klickna,  Gladys Marquez, Kari Vanderjack, Alex Wallace and David Watts

The Board started with a moment of silence for those we have lost since the October meeting.

Items Discussed:

Thank you to Alaska NEA Director Tim Parker and Doug Hill from Michigan for putting together a newsletter that can be shared with members. NEADirectorsReport–Feb2016Illinois

ESSA implementation. Executive Committee member Shelly Moore Krajacic will be taking the lead on this. There is a tool kit on line for members. Additional information and materials will be posted on the NEA website at http://www.nea.org/essabegins. The Board authorized up to $5 million (from the Ballot measure Crisis Fund) to be used to assist in ESSA implementation.

ESP’s will be honored at the White House for the first time. President Obama will be honoring 10 ESP job categories on May 11.

The Board heard a report for NEA Board member Eric Minore, from Flint, Michigan on the conditions and situation there. Information and donations can be found at FlintKids.org.

The Board took action on several Constitution, Bylaw and Standing Rule Amendments. Items may still be submitted until March 4. The remainder will be acted on at the May Board meeting.

Consitutional Amendment 1: Mandates Certificated Support Service Providers to serve on Committees. Board opposed.

Constitutional Amendment 2: Changes Student Directors terms. Board supported.

Bylaw Amendment 1: Has the RA approving dues increases. Board opposed.

Bylaw Amendment 2: Changes voting schedule at the RA. Board opposed.

Bylaw Amendment 3: Defines Certificated Support Service Provider. Board opposed.

Standing Rule Amendment 1: Reduces speaking time at RA to 2 minutes for all speakers. Board supported.

Standing Rule Amendment 2: Reduces speaking time if microphone is yielded to 1 minute. Board opposed.

Standing Rule Amendment 3: Requests for Information go into the rotation with for and against speakers. Board took no position.

Standing Rule Amendment 4: Changes the debating ability on motions to suspend the rules. Board supported.

Standing Rule Amendment 5: Allows for the publication of e-mail addresses for makers of business items. Board supported.

Standing Rule Amendment 6: Changes the deadline for submission of NBI’s. Board opposed.

Standing Rule Amendments 7 – 10: No action taken.

AGENDA_Con Bylaws Rules_Tracking Chart_February 2016AGENDA_Proposed Amendments to NEA Standing Rules Constitution Bylaws_February 2016

In addition, the Executive Committee is working on a new Policy Statement for this summer’s RA on School Discipline and School to Prison Pipeline.

The Board celebrated 2 observances:

Women’s Observance: Anna Jones an advocated for children and equity of education led the Dyett HS Hunger Strike. Anna Jones_Biography_Womens Observance_February 2016

Black Observance: Dr. Lenworth Gunther led the Board in a engagement session around NBI B: Institutional Racism. Dr. Lenworth Gunther

The Board approved the dues levels for the next two years. For the 2016-17 Budget year: Full time dues will be $187 and ESP dues will be $113.50 ($2 increase). For the 2017-18 Budget year: Full time dues will be $188 and ESP dues will be $114.50 ($1 increase in both categories). Both formulas are based on average salaries. The average teacher salary used was $58,064 and the average ESP salary used was $32,032. AGENDA_Dues 2016-2018_February 2016

The Board took action regarding action to be taken at this year’s Leadership Summit in Houston. AGENDA_Board_Proposed Action Item_Advancing Equality in Houston_February 2016

Many of our directors also attended the Gala to honor our nominee. IMG_1685


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