February Board of Directors meeting


agenda_-february-2017-read-across-america-pptThe Board of Directors met on February 10 – 11, 2017 in Washington, D.C.

NEA Directors attending: Joyce Bailey, Eric Brown, Gina Harris, Rainy Kaplan, Gladys Marquez, Loretta Ragsdell, Mary Ann Rivera, Mae Smith, Tom Tully, Kari Vanderjack, Alex Wallace and David Watts.

Report of the Executive Committee:


Ballot Measure Legislative Crisis Fund

The Board of Directors was asked to approved $10,000,000 be sequestered from the Ballot Measure/Legislative Crisis Fund for the sole use of affiliates to protect against state and federal legislative attacks. This will allow nimbleness and flexibility to respond to attacks as crises occur in states. The motion passed.

The Representative Assembly


The Executive Committee is making recommendations in order to advance the NEA mission and goals as well as to increase delegate engagement.  Each day will have a focus which will engage and inspire delegates to activate and advocate.

Day 1: Union Strength for Member Advocacy

Day 2: Union Strength for Social Justice

Day 3: Union Strength for Professional Practice

Day 4: Our NEA Mission


While we will continue to conduct the business of the organization and many of the speeches and awards have been truncated. The PAC Fund announcements and other typical RA activities will be moved to different spots and their formats may be changed.

There will also be a “hard stop” to the Representative Assembly. Delegates will know the exact time the RA will end on the final day.

Standing Rule Amendment proposals

Standing Rule Amendment 4: Strikes language that requires the Budget to be adopted after all of the New Business Items. This will allow flexibility in scheduling action on the Budget.

Standing Rule Amendment 5C: Requires that any changes to the Standing Rules have 50 signatures instead of the current 25 needed.

Both items will be submitted to the Representative Assembly.

Report of the NEA Committee on the Constitution, Bylaws and Rules

There are 3 Constitutional Amendments that have been proposed for consideration. These will require a 2/3 vote of the delegates.

CA 1: Confers automatic delegate status to the chair of the Resolutions Internal Editing Committee for all purposes except voting for officers. The Board opposed this amendment.

CA 2: Changes the frequency of the RA from every year to every other year beginning in 2022. The Board opposed this amendment

CA 3: Housekeeping item that deletes language that is no longer needed now that the executive officers’ elections are now on the same 3-year cycle. The Board supported this amendment.

There are 14 Standing Rule Amendments proposed, including the 2 mentioned above.  They require a majority vote.

SA 1: Extends the minimum time required for consideration of new business items at each business session to 90 minutes at the first session and to 2 hours at each subsequent meeting. The Board opposes this amendment.

SA 2: Strikes language allowing delegates to yield the unused portion of their allocated speaking time. No Board position taken.

SA 3: Amends the speaking order process to take one request for information at a time in rotation with speakers for and against a motion. No Board position taken.

SA 4: Requires the chair to ask delegates if they wish to close debate after 5 speakers for and 5 speakers against any motion. No Board position taken.

SA 5: Changes the language used to indicate opposition to a motion from “no” to “aye.” No Board position taken.

SA 6: Provides the maker of a motion to bundle and refer new business items one minute to explain the rationale for bundling. No Board position taken.

SA 7: Allows 1 minute of speaking time to each maker of new business items proposed for bundling as well as 1 minute for a delegate opposed to the bundling. No Board position taken.

SA 8: Automatically referes any new business item calling for a letter to be written by the president and an article written in the NEA Today. No Board position taken.

SA 9: Allows deferrment of consideration of a new business item if a majority of the maker’s state is not present due to voting. No Board position taken.

SA 10: Requires any vacancy on the Resolutions Committee in a slot held by an elected ethnic minority be filled by asn elected ethnic minority alternate member if available. No Board position taken.

SA 11: Strikes language providing that NEA policy statements supersede NEA Resolutions and that resolutions must be changed to conform to policy statements. No Board position taken.

SA 12: Prohibits the distribution, display or posting of any materials promoting passage or defeat of a Constitutional or Bylaw amendments at polling places. No Board position taken.

The Board will take positions on the 0ther 11 amendments at their Spring meeting.


Women’s Observance.


Dr. Erika K. Wilson, an assistant professor of law at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill was invited to share her expertise and insights on Social Justice Issues young women face in public schools.

Watch the video:

Here is the toolkit. final_nwlc_novo2016toolkit

Report of the Annual Meeting Review Committee


Items that were accepted:

NBI 70: To provide free childcare for the preconferences,  but with a committee amendment, childcare will be provided for preconferences based on pre-registration only.

NBI 110: To work with physically challenged individuals and their state affiliates to ensure that the NEA RA is accessible to all delegates.

The Board of Directors pulled NBI 96 from the report and amended it. The NEA will provide interview rooms/spaces for At-Large Board of Director candidates to be conducted prior to the RA. The Board amended this NBI to ask for one room available for a Meet and Greet space for all candidates at the adjourment of the first day’s session as well as on the regular candidate interview session day. The Board voted to approve.

In the 2020 – 2024 time periods, the Committee had to consider Dallas and Philadelphia for the RA locations.  Los Angeles cannot accomodate our needs during that time frame and is being removed from the future RA location list.

Proposed future RA locations:

2017: Boston

2018: Minneapolis

2019: Houston

2020: Atlanta

2021: Denver

2022: Dallas

2023: Orlando

2024: Philadelphia

Secretary-Treasurer Report                             image.jpeg  

Dues Modification: Based on an average teacher and ESP salary formula done by NEA Research.

Dues will increase by $2 for Full Time Certified and $1 for ESP members. Retired Annual dues will increase to $35 and Lifetime membership will be $250. This amount has not increased for 5 years and will remain in effect for 2 budget cycles.

Average Teacher salary is based on $59,019. Average ESP salary is based on $32,693.

Full time certified dues will be  $189 and ESP dues will be $115.50.

After a very lengthy discussion, Lily has agreed to put together a Task Force to take a look at ESP dues calculations and the data from which the calculations come.

We are in our 2nd year of membership growth. We have more members in every category this year. NEA has 34,171 additional members this year. The 2015-16 Final Year End Membership net increase of 15,942 the first time in 7 years we have had an increase in numbers. Princess thanks everyone who assisted in the One-on-One organizing efforts.

Vice President’s Report

Great Public Schools Fund has given over $25 million in grants to locals and state affiliates.  The Committee has proposed several changes to the guidelines and dates for submissions to make the application process more efficient.

Becky also presented the first report on Racial Justice in Education. The report will now be presented quarterly to the Board of Directors.


The Ed Justice website has many Racial Justice resources which include videos, readings and many other school climate resources. Please check it out.

NBI-D update: ESP continuum


A map of the Professional Growth Continuum for each job family with standards and levels of mastery.


Black Observance

In celebration of the opening of the new Smithsonian African-American History and Culture Museum,  Curator Mary Elliott spoke with the Board of Directors. The Board will be touring the Museum Saturday evening.


Please visit the museum’s website to explore the collection.

Legal Update

U.S. Supreme Court Nominee, Neal Gorsuch is a concern for NEA. There are 3 cases that he could impact our members this term. He will most likely serve for over 30 years and be very influencial on what our Democracy looks like. His Confirmation Hearing will be in March and the vote will come before Easter recess.

Trinity Lutheran: Decide future of state school voucher programs

Gloucester: Will decide validity of transgender student guidance by Obama Administration

Endrew: Will decide what level of educational benefit is required under IDEA.

There are many other concerns regarding potential attacks that might be coming from outside.

Read Across America

This year is March 2, 2017. The Committee has launched a new store to deliver all of your RAA needs.


Friend of Education

The Board of Directors voted to make Mr. Lavar Burton our Friend of Education for his work on Reading Rainbow.

UniServ Advisory Committee

Current grant amount $39,918

Projected grant amount for next year $39,250 a $664 decrease. The finalized amount will be given at the April meeting.

Charter Schools Task Force

A preliminary report that has reviewed our Policy Statement. The original policy statement was written in 2001 and at that time, charter schools were not widespread. Since 2001 the number of charters schools has tripled. 43 states have charter laws. Lily and Becky are co-chairing the Task Force. In April, the Board will get the proposed Policy Statement and will have a full hearing and debate. The Policy Statement will be submitted to the RA this July.

NBI-A update

The NEA shall implement an action plan to prevent acts of discrimination against LGBTQ members and students. NEA has been monitoring legislation, joining coalitions to support non-discrimination, partnering to find resources and will support and promote GLSEN’s Day of Silence. In addition NEA General Counsel is supporting legal challenges to enact state laws that discriminate.

NEA Foundation Awards Gala

On Friday night, Andrew Hirshman was honored at the NEA Gala as the IEA nominee. Congratulations Andy!




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